Wayzata’s 9/11 Memorial

Personal Reflections Within Public Spaces

The Aamoth family, with deep Wayzata roots, had lost their then-32-year-old son, Gordy Aamoth Jr., in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. The family was motivated not only to honor their son, but also to offer all others impacted by the events of 9/11 a waterfront memorial, and give the community a meaningful place to gather and reflect.

Civitas hosted numerous conversations with the community, city and family stakeholders that led to the creation of a serene, lakefront space defined by nine birch trees and two large granite plinths, representing both the number eleven and the iconic silhouette of the twin towers. The granite was sourced locally and selected to represent strength, maturity and timelessness – the permanence of an event like 9/11 within hearts and minds.

The two plinths serve as benches that enable visitors to sit and reflect inwardly, or to look out over the lake. The north-facing section of granite features text that reads “We will never forget their sacrifice, dedication and countless acts of bravery,” while the other section is engraved with “Honoring victims, survivors and first responders.” This south-facing bench also specifies in smaller text that the memorial is given by the Aamoth family “In remembrance of Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.”

Practices provided
Master planning, urban planning, landscape design

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Architect: Peter Aamoth, James Dayton Design
Client: Wayzata Conservancy and City of Wayzata
Lighting and Electrical: IMEG
Contractor: SourceGroup
Granite Fabricator: Coldspring