Robin Rooney Norcross

Robin Rooney Norcross


Licensed Landscape Architect in Colorado, Nebraska, California

Robin Rooney Norcross came to Civitas by way of serendipity. Having previously worked in residential design, she had been longing for a career change that would have a greater impact on local communities but was unsure of where to start. She then one day met Civitas Principal, Craig Vickers, at a high school reunion (that was not even hers), and they ended up becoming great friends.

Craig introduced her to both Civitas and the University of Colorado Denver graduate program, and the rest is history. During her time studying for her master’s degree in landscape architecture, Robin found herself immersed in work that resulted from Hurricane Katrina, and she developed a deeply rooted love and admiration for educating those in communities that have been impacted by natural disasters. This fostered her desire to work on community-centered projects that could inspire change. She even worked as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, furthering her love of educating.

Today, Robin works as a Landscape Architect, working on projects of all shapes and sizes. Her love for education has motivated her to mentor newer members of the Civitas family, and she aims to find a way to implement a teaching program into her current role as a designer, melding both of her passions into one.


I was in graduate school when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, which heavily influenced our program. We worked closely with the local community to help educate about ways to design in the face of a natural disaster. There is an intangible sense of empowerment knowing that you can positively impact someone’s life, not only with the space you are creating, but with the tools you are giving them to learn to speak up for themselves.”


2007 University of Colorado at Denver, Master of Landscape Architecture

1997 University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Bachelor of Science, Landscape Design

1993 University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy