Dina Luo

Dina Luo


Dina Luo is a designer at Civitas, who joined in 2023. She’s eager to learn through experiences, which is reflected in her college studies.

Dina earned her bachelor’s degree at Sun Yat-sen University, which included an exchange study in Taiwan and a summer program at the University of California at Berkeley. After earning her degree, she then went on to attend the University of Virginia where she earned a master’s degree in landscape architecture, followed by an immersive trip to the southwest to dive deeper into her understanding of landscape architecture. This process of combining her educational studies with traveling opened her eyes to the value of connecting with the land in order to better understand and help the local community. Dina believes that having a connection with the land is the best way to decipher what the community needs or oftentimes does not need. Dina has a strong passion for landscape architecture and is eager to partner with local communities to help amplify their voices and foster lasting connections with the land.


 “After earning mytrip and I traveled to the southwest United States on an immersive, sustainability-focused study trip, and came to appreciate how much people shape the land naturally. I recognized that landscape is something that can really help people understand places and shape their everyday experiences.”


Sun Yat-sen University, Bachelor’s degree, Geography Science

University of Virginia, Master’s degree, Landscape Architecture