Chris Parezo

Chris Parezo


Certified Planner, American Planning Association

Since joining Civitas in 2007, Chris has led a variety of project types and teams, fueled by his passion for cities and by his infinite curiosity about how they operate and evolve to influence the way people live. He is known for enthusiastically embracing the most challenging urban design projects and for bringing the design creativity, thought leadership and strategic thinking necessary to create livable, healthy cities.

Chris believes that urban environments are most resilient when they successfully blend time-tested principles of design and placemaking with the contemporary thinking and values that shape today’s lifestyles. This philosophy inspires his work for Civitas, which ranges in scale from the design of urban infill development and public spaces, to sustainable residential communities and new transit oriented communities, corporate and medical campus design, and long-range city planning. Globally connected, he assists both public and private clients in creating a vision for their project and obtaining the necessary approvals and entitlements to move the project toward reality. He has led significant public outreach processes to garner community input and support that is necessary to the success of each project.


The potential impact of an urban design project is massive, especially on the health of the city and its residents, and this potential has motivated my entire career.”


University of Buffalo; Master of Urban Planning & Design

University of Buffalo; Bachelor of Art, Environmental Design and Architecture