A Peek Into Civitas’ Culture of Curiosity — And Coffee Drinking


scott jordan working with colleague

This year you’ve met a number of our “Civitots” in a series of blog posts. We’ve introduced people like Mark Naylor, who’s been with us for decades, and relative newcomer Stuti Ganatra. Landscape designer Juliana de Affonseca, and urban designer Kelly Walls. And many more! While each individual is incredibly unique and interesting, we can’t help but notice a common theme in these conversations.

Ask any one of us what brought us to Civitas, or what keeps us coming back for more, and the answers almost always relate to our culture.

Our thoughtful design approach. Our passion for community engagement. Our commitment to problem-solving. We are a small group of big thinkers who love to ask questions, explore places, consider new ideas, and find solutions. Beautiful solutions. It’s hard work, and we’ve been busier than ever this year. But we have a lot of fun doing it.

Several of us have been together for decades, two of us even tied the knot, and in 2023, we’ll celebrate Civitas’ 40th anniversary.  But we never stop learning new things and looking toward the future. For example, we’ve recently upgraded a few things around our downtown Denver office to ensure that we have the tools and technologies that support our way of working as a collaborative team, for and with our clients.

civitas studio space
civitas studio space

And we’re growing! So our space needed a little refresh. In fact, we’re always looking to grow our team with others who are curious and love to learn and explore like we do. If you are seeking a meaningful career in landscape architecture and urban design, send your resume to jobs@civitasinc.com. Meanwhile, stay tuned, as you’ll continue to “Meet the Civitots” in the ongoing series of blog posts, and check out some fun facts about us below.

We are global.

Our 28 Civitots were born in 28 different places, including 6 different countries.

civitas employees eating together

We are experienced.

Collectively, we have devoted over 484,640 Hours (and counting) to shaping cities and landscapes all over the world.

We are multilingual.

Everyday we connect with global clients using the 10 different languages we speak fluently.

We are adventurous.

We have traveled all over the world, to a majority of the world’s 195 countries. Wonder who will check Antarctica off the list?

world map

We are caffeinated.

In a typical work week, we drink 238 cups of coffee or tea.

We are animal friendly.

Our team of Civitots also includes our resident cat, Gonzo. Whether he likes us or not (you know cats).

gonzo the cat