Wenlin Yang

Wenlin Yang

Landscape Designer

Growing up in the city of Lanzhou, China, on the banks of the Yellow River, Wenlin would often walk around the city for hours with her brother, exploring and experiencing the different environments. Drawn to creating and improving the physical and sensorial experience of a place, this curiosity ultimately led her to pursue landscape architecture. Wenlin also has a passion for creating visual art, and being in the design field gives her the opportunity to express her artistic passions with engineered technology. 

After coming to the United States to attend college, Wenlin ultimately chose to settle in Denver due to its geographic similarities to her hometown in China and its proximity to the mountains and parks. When she found Civitas, she knew it would be a great opportunity to work on a variety of projects across the country, giving her the chance to grow as a landscape architect and work in different communities. She was also very drawn to the diversity of the team – knowing how important it is to have people from different backgrounds and cultures to bring a new level of perspective and understanding.

In her free time, Wenlin enjoys knitting, embroidering, collecting stamps, and reading mystery and forensic crime books.


“Growing up in China, I was exposed to a totally different landscape and urban design style than is typical in the US. Having traveled quite a bit and come to the United States for college has definitely impacted my perspective on design approach. More professionally, each project I’ve worked on has had an effect on my process and execution. Learning the importance of community involvement and engagement has totally changed my perspective on the goals and outcomes of projects as well.”


Iowa State University; Bachelors of Landscape Architecture 

Rhode Island School of Design; Master of Landscape Architecture