Sandy Hendon

Sandy Hendon

Business Manager

Sandy brings professionalism, warmth, and a mindset of service along with more than 20 years of experience to her position as Business Manager for Civitas. Sandy’s primary focus is the day-to-day financial management of the firm, in addition to assisting the company in reaching its goals related to profitability and viability. Sandy also serves as the Human Resources/Benefits Manager for Civitas, partnering with consultants and the management team to optimize Civitas’ key resource: its people. This critical role ensures that Civitas is able to not only offer exceptional benefits but also cultivate a positive and inviting office culture. 

Sandy, a native of Colorado, was born and raised in Lakewood and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she studied Human Resources Management. Prior to joining Civitas, Sandy held positions as a payroll/human resources manager and finance and administrative manager. In 2007, she found an opportunity with Civitas on Craigslist, and it was a perfect match. 

Sandy was attracted to Civitas’ community focus and environmental stewardship, and she interviewed with Mark Naylor, whom she immediately connected with. She loved the culture of a smaller company where she could connect with every individual. Since then, Civitas has been her home. Sandy sees her role as customer service. While the team of Civitots are servicing the firm’s clients, they – the Civitots – are her clients, so she tries to be as responsive to them as she can.


“My husband and I have two successful daughters – one a teacher currently earning a master’s degree, and the other working with a master’s in public administration – and I’m proud of them every day. I was always motivated to raise strong, independent women and to be a good example for them, even when the world doesn’t always make that easy.”


Metropolitan State University; Human Resources Management