Rhea Pai

Rhea Pai


Registered Architect - Council of Architecture, India

Rhea Pai is an accomplished architect and urban designer who brings a unique perspective shaped by her diverse experiences, cultural influences, and passion for human-centric design. Growing up in India with a connection to the visual and performing arts has deeply influenced her design.

Later, working in a research position focused on human-centered community involvement in India, Rhea gained a deep understanding of how people interact with space and how the built environment can impact people’s everyday lives. She believes in preserving the unique identity of cities and delving into the historical, cultural, and architectural significance and context that defines each location. 

Rhea’s pursuit of higher education led her to move to New York City, where she earned a Master of Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University. Her desire to join a diverse firm with a culture of collaboration and innovation ultimately led her to Civitas.

Outside of work, Rhea enjoys music, reading true crime novels, and exploring Colorado nature with her friends and family.


“A lot of my influence comes from my design experiences in India, and from visiting other countries and observing cultural traditions at home and abroad. I did a lot of visual arts growing up, and that experience has also heavily influenced my design style.”


  • Columbia University; Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design
  • RV College of Architecture; Bachelors of Architecture