cities to life.


Civitas is an urban design and landscape architecture firm that shapes cities for the better. We transform urban places into living, breathing ecosystems, seamlessly blending nature with city life. We’re expert listeners and designers, engaging residents to co-create sustainable, city-defining places.

Civitas urban design and landscape studio with team working
"We transform cities through their public spaces"
– Scott Jordan, Principal
Civitas urban design and landscape studio with person hanging bike on wall with other bikes

Informed Urban Design

We can handle the complexity and pressure of transformative projects, because we’ve done it successfully—many times before—with large scale impact and from a small scale team. Our thinking is expansive, and our ideas are bold, but they’re also feasible. We have the fortitude to see transformative plans become physical realities. And the foresight to ensure they remain relevant long after opening day.

Civitas urban design and landscape studio with team members in discussion

Vision and Execution

Positive, lasting change is our primary objective. We’re designers of connection, stewards of history, and lovers of nature. Shared spaces shape our shared experiences. So, we dream and design accordingly. At Civitas, we collaborate to build places that define, inspire, and endure.

civitas team

Mastery through Empathy

We believe communities know what they need, and inspiration can come from anyone. With community at the our core, our approach to urban design and landscape architecture is deeply rooted in local context and responsive to local needs. We ensure big ideas can actually be constructed, and we address any technical issues that arise along the way.