St. Patrick's Island | Calgary, Alberta—CA

North Embarcadero, Port of San Diego | San Diego, CA—USA

5280 Trail | Denver, CO—USA

Creating the Urban Canvas

Adapting to Climate Change.
Designing for Equity.
Building Health and Wellness.

These are no small tasks. In fact, health, equity and sustainability are among the toughest challenges we face as a global society. Yet each is deeply embedded in Civitas’ mission and is an important part of every project we touch. We’re determined to create places that have a lasting, positive impact.

We recognize that impact can come in many different shapes and sizes. There is no uniform approach or solution, nor will we ever have all the answers. We do have questions, though. We view every challenge as an opportunity to listen and learn. And we know that this work is most successful when we join forces with clients and collaborators who share our sense of optimism. So let’s get to work.

twin silo park

Twin Silo Park

Fort Collins, CO

The renewal of 54-acres of city-owned land creates a recreation destination that is not only sustainable and relevant, but also truly embraced by this community as it celebrates their agricultural heritage and strong relationship with nature.

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san diego north embarcadero

North Embarcadero

San Diego, CA

A waterfront plaza and promenade strengthens the connections between San Diego and its vibrant port.

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st. patricks island aerial view

St. Patrick's Island

Calgary, ON

The 30-acre island has been the site of river fording by buffalo, First Nations, the Northwest Mounted Police, and later modern use as a campground.

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