pink house party pic

Civitas participated in 3 educational sessions and lead 2 field tours at the recent ASLA Conference in Denver but we had a lot of fun too, as seen at the Harvard Alumni party at our office, celebrating Cornelia Oberlander’s infectious enthusiasm. (From left to right:  Tom Oslund, Claude Cormier, David Rubin, Martha Schwartz, Mia Lehrer, Cornelia Oberlander, Heath Mizer)  Photo credit: Victor Sanchez.

North Embarcadero’s 20 years in the making

Unveiled in a public ceremony featuring music, street performers and food trucks, San Diego’s new North Embarcadero Waterfront Esplanade forms part of a revitalized gateway to the city’s downtown center and establishes an energized destination within a rapidly developing area of the city. The 1,000-foot-long linear public space adjacent to San Diego Bay is the first phase of a $200 million, 10-phase project which had remained in a conceptual stage for more than 20 years. Read More…

Civitas wins 2014 ASLA Design Award for Colorado Justice Center

The project’s design is centered on the notion that the States appellate judicial system should operate in a facility that that is open to the public and embodies the spirit of transparent democracy. That siting of the buildings, the programming of the site and the physical design of the open spaces are carefully integrated into the fabric of Denver’s Civic Center in a way that amplifies the quality of life, Civic pride and functionality within the heart of Downtown.