Lake Minnetonka “Lake Effect” Project Moves Forward

Lake Minnetonka “Lake Effect” Project Moves Forward

The Wayzata, Minnesota, City Council has given Civitas the go-ahead to design implementation plans and construction documents for the “Lake Effect” project, enhancing connectivity with the Lake Minnetonka waterfront and restoring and enhancing lake-edge ecology. “It’s visionary for a small community to take on a transformative project of this scale. It brings bigger-city urban thinking to a smaller city,” says Civitas principal Scott Jordan. Read more…

5280 Loop will be a “game changer for Denver’s center city”

“In less than a century, we have gone from streets with horseless carriages to a highly studied system of roads that often prioritizes cars,” says Chris Parezo, Civitas Principal. “Somewhere we’ve moved away from the concept of the public realm being for the people.” But a new Denver project is providing an opportunity to shift the paradigm. Read more about the #5280LOOP Project here.

Twin Silo Park Grand Opening

Twin Silo Park is officially open to the public! What an amazing collaboration it has been with the City of Fort Collins, Cre8play and many other creative partners. The 54-acre site has been transformed from an open field into a unique park experience. The park carries an agricultural theme reflected in its amenities, which include a 26-plot community garden, an orchard with apple, cherry and plum trees, and trestles for growing hops. The centerpiece of the playground consists of two former grain silos moved from a city-owned property near the intersection of Prospect and Timberline roads. Read more…