Designing a Community that Nurtures a Network of People

Civitas has joined forces with a multidisciplinary team of collaborators to bring Windler, a new mixed-use community in Aurora, Colorado, to life. When complete, the 852-acre community will feature 15 residential neighborhoods, including two town centers and approximately 150 acres of open space. Envisioning a modern homestead, the developers’ plan to pay respect to life on the prairie, reinterpreting old fashioned living-off-the-land values to align with today’s modern American lifestyle. Guided by this vision, the design team’s masterplan for Windler’s fifteen neighborhoods empowers each to have its own character, while uniting the overall community with a fresh and forward-thinking approach to connection, convenience and sustainability by way of greenspace.

Blending residential, civic and commercial activities, Windler aims to achieve an optimal balance of density and open space, as it introduces a new type of community and housing product to the residential market. The 15 neighborhoods are woven together by a network of small outdoor spaces and green connections that encourage people of all ages to gather and participate in fitness or play, putting social life at the center of the community.

Promoting a green lifestyle is another key aspect of the project. The development team is motivated to turn Windler into a net energy generator, especially in the community’s commercial components. Individual homes are being designed with cutting edge strategies to reduce energy consumption and costs for homeowners. And a historic 15 acre parcel of land, 1881 Park, serves as a focal point with flex space for both agricultural and educational uses. 

Windler’s prime location also plays a factor in the development and enhances the neighborhood’s appeal. The site is centrally located with convenient access to downtown Denver, Denver International Airport, both I-70 and E470, and more; yet Windler’s greatest value lies in its community-oriented philosophy that promotes diversity and connection. With diverse home types ranging from small compact units, single family homes and leases, Windler will attract diverse populations by design. The developers are providing 3.5 acres to Aurora’s housing authority, strategically located to be near amenities too – truly “fair” housing. Windler will be a true example of what it looks like to live for connection. 

For more details on the Windler project, please check out our blog post that dives deep into the project’s elements, and also visit Windler’s new website.

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