A Working Waterfront
that Welcomes People

The first phase design for San Diego’s waterfront improves the framework of an existing master plan that proposes unique park spaces along this one-mile long edge, called the North Embarcadero. A water quality band becomes the visual tie for the length of the promenade setting precedent for sustainable principles. On this first site, a strong symmetrical landscape of local jacarandas bosques frames the pedestrian entrance into the city on Broadway, which itself is lined with majestic palm trees and artful lighting fixtures. Furthering a sense of unity, architecturally-bold kiosks, restrooms and cafes punctuate the promenade and a discreet undular paving pattern loosely recalls this coastal setting. While creating a world-class urban space is of high importance, integrating the needs of the arriving cruise ships and their ensuing high traffic made a circulation program and durable-material selection essential to the success of the design.

Project: North Embarcadero
Client: Civic San Diego and Port of San Diego
Completed: 2014
Budget: $31 million
Location: San Diego, California

Orchid Award, North Embarcadero, AIA San Diego