Old City, New Economy

The city of Brno is growing rapidly with substantial presence from tech and bio-tech industries and growing universities. This district, of roughly 100 acres, is located a stone’s throw from the Old City but is isolated by several railroad tracks and a 7-meter wall that is more than a kilometer long. As a result, most of the district is vacant or highly underdeveloped.

Civitas was engaged by 4ct Platform, a Czech development services company and J+T Bank, the property owner, to develop a district redevelopment plan. The effort was in response to recent decisions by the city and the state to create a new, high capacity railroad station on the south end of the district. This move, if planned properly, will create a new central open space corridor (after removal of trains); a repurposed train station, and a new district of dense mixed-use development within walking distance of the center of the city.

Civitas led the effort, producing a plan for a public realm that will become a new destination and neighborhood for people moving into the city. The project was approved by Brno City Council in September 2018 and is proceeding into further design for Phase One.