Abu Dhabi Military Museum

Abu Dhabi has developed into one of the most proud, economically healthy and stable countries of the Middle East largely by using the military as a vehicle for social development, education, economic development and national defense. Citizens take great pride in their citizen-controlled military and the foundation that it has laid in the development of the country. They wished to celebrate this and tell this story by holding an international design competition.

Civitas and Fentress Architects prepared this entry which achieved the final short list and review by the Sheik and military leaders. The design proposes a great ceremonial approach capable of supporting both massive citizen gatherings and military parade and drills. The museum itself is projected into the Gulf to portray presence and authority, and is approached by a mile long allee of date palms, which divides a desert foreground from a background that includes a military education and training institute surrounding an oasis.

Client: The Abu Dhabi Military
Partners: Fentress Architects
Completed: 2009
Budget: Not established
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE