Gonzo joined Civitas in 2011. As a kitten, he was a loving companion and housecat. However, the allure of city life was irresistible and he moved to Denver to pursue his dreams. He is a shoulder rider, trickster, frenemy, lover and lap warmer. No hair tie, rubber band, beverage or staple remover is safe from his furry paws. While exploring the dungeon-like basement, he discovered the meaning of life, but alas, he refuses to share. On the weekends he enjoys taunting people at the front door, swinging from the rafters, chillin’ with alley cats, and tomcatting on his sweet motorcycle. Gonzo holds a Master’s Degree in Rodent Destruction and a Bachelor’s in Ninja Sciences. He has been written about in magazines and has a burgeoning career in cat modeling. Currently he is developing a feline-app for bored, overweight cats.