The latest installment provided by Gonzo (Civitas mascot — or rather, mascat — and resident feline).

“Alas… change is in the air. There have been several updates to my domain as of late, and I’ve got mixed emotions. For starters: the basement. Once the keeper of my many secret hiding places, it is now clean. I feel new pressure to keep my litter in check as the random tossing of box filler seems to be frowned upon. I feel exposed and well-lit during these very vulnerable moments but others seem to be pleased with its update.

Moving upward to the main floor of my territory, well… it’s bright and pleasant. Natural light is pouring through our new skylights, making my desk-slinking a bit more cumbersome. I cherish the moments of darting between pods, startling the most unsuspecting worker. But now, they can see me coming a mile away so I’ll need to up my game. And the paint… can we talk about that? A fresh coat of paint on the walls has made everything cleaner, brighter and dare I say, cheerier? Sigh… how can I maintain my constant state of grump within these welcoming walls?

Modes of transportation have even improved (greatly for that tall fellow that sits in the middle). I appreciate the new perch he provided me in the garage… and I can feel the ceramic coating through the cover as I scratch and claw at the wiper blades. They feel fancy. The new bike racks up front have promise: I shall attempt to upgrade my leaping skills during the weekends. No basket will be safe from my landing.

All in all, and much to my dismay, things are looking pretty snazzy around here. I feel a nap coming on.”

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