It’s the 21st Annual International ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ on June 21st and I’m not having it. I’ve heard it increases productivity. Rubbish. The noise, the constant wagging, the gnawing on the oddest of things, the crunching, the panting, the breath… need I go on?

But while I’m at it: dogs already get enough glory. Man’s best friend. Fur Baby. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. How about we look at “the dog days of summer” and “it’s a dog eat dog world.” Whaaaaa? Enough. I’m calling for a full boycott on canines.

I get that some folks maybe like to change it up a bit and find those obnoxious fuzz butts a nice distraction. But let’s just get to the heart of it: I’m a cat and I should be celebrated every single day. I mean I am a freakin’ delight – just ask the Civitots. I rarely make eye contact and when I do, it’s shade-filled. I tolerate petting… ok, light stroking just long enough until I can take a swipe at exposed skin. And my favorite is when the Civitots try to call me over. As if.

Sigh. Back to one of my dwelling spots, comforted in being “the cat’s pajamas.”

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