This episode of #CivitotInspo explores where #civitot Stacy Passmore draws her inspiration from.
Do you have a morning ritual that gets you into a creative space for your workday?
My bike ride to the studio is a great transition from home to work-life. My route takes me along Cherry Creek, which varies dramatically through the seasons. Because of Denver’s incredible weather, I’m able to bike most days year-round even in the snow! I love watching the water, light, plants and character change, imagining where the water has come from, as snow melts off the mountain peaks or after a rainstorm. This keeps me thinking about the dynamic nature of landscapes and how connected things are.
What type of music (if any) helps you get into a creative or prolific mindset in or out of the office?
As far as music for working, I like anything that creates a great atmosphere and isn’t too distracting. For podcasts, lately have been enjoying the Landscape Architect Podcast, Talking Practice from the GSD and The Double Shift.

Any other fun facts about your creative process?

Field work, travelling and generally being outside are really important to me. Reading and research are also central to my creative process, as well as conversations – I have a running list of people to talk to about a project or idea, from scientists to artists. Sketching and testing ideas through drawing are also essential, I have heaps of doodles on trace — the process of drawing without judgement really enables a different way of thinking.


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