#CivitotInspo shares an inspiring interview with Soon Choi. Check it out:
Do you have a morning ritual that gets you into a creative space for your workday?
Every time I come to the office in Golden Triangle neighborhood, I observe changes of natural things on the street. I say hello to green sprouts on a street tree, and birds whispering. These things awaken me to get into a creative space every day.
What type of music (if any) helps you get into a creative or prolific mindset in or out of the office?
Well, I really love jazz music and swing especially Jazz vocalist “Stacey Kent”. Her music and voice inspires me to get into a stable and creative mindset while I am doodling.

Any other fun facts about your creative process?

Keep rolling out of a white tracing paper when I scribble ideas, and let it lays on the floor like red carpet runway.


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Soon Choi