This episode of #CivitotInspo dives into #civitot and principal Scott Jordan’s process, what drives his work and how he gets into the creative mindset. 
Do you have a morning ritual that gets you into a creative space for your workday?
My morning ritual typically includes hopping on the treadmill to shake out the cobwebs, get the blood pumping and my thinker-upper, thinker-uppering. I have also recently started doing breathing exercises to clear my mind, reset and make space for random thoughts of creativity.
What type of music (if any) helps you get into a creative or prolific mindset in or out of the office?
Music and I are not close friends so I focus more on the power of conversation and open-ended questions with colleagues and collaborators to ferret out inspiration and to find the power of place in a design.

Any other fun facts about your creative process?

Most of my creative process is formed through observation. I am constantly people watching, trying to figure out the why — why do they move through a space? Why do they stop over there and not over here, why do people choose to interact, etc.

Whenever I work in new cities, I spend a lot of time exploring the city; not just our particular project site. I try to discover the true nature of each city, how the community members engage with the public realm and what/how do they use space that is different than how I would expect, etc.


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