This month’s round of #CivitotInspo shares a bit behind Heath Mizer’s creative mindset.
Do you have a morning ritual that gets you into a creative space for your workday?
Every morning I skip breakfast, have 5 cups of strong black coffee and starve myself till noon to help keep the mind limber. At 12 p.m. I eat a heavy carb-loaded, protein-filled lunch followed by more coffee and chocolate to keep the food coma at bay.
What type of music (if any) helps you get into a creative or prolific mindset in or out of the office?
Really depends on the day. Currently I’m getting back to my roots listening to a variety of Outlaw Country and Jazz Funk, particularly the afro-centric genre during the Black Panther movement. I also listen to a variety of podcasts to keep up on current events but mostly ones that tell stories of random historical weird facts.

Any other fun facts about your creative process?

Hard to describe, but good design just sort of happens when you adjust your design-thinking to address the needs and inherent character of the place. The real magic happens when you have to creatively solve a design problem to meet significant physical constraints. Additionally, every one of my projects that is considered a success wouldn’t happen without the rigorous critique and design reviews with my fellow civitots.


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Heath Mizer
Heath Mizer