#CivitotInspo introduces one of our civitots, Diane Lipovsky, and what drives her creative process:
Do you have a morning ritual that gets you into a creative space for your workday?
Mornings can be hectic in my house. I love getting up early while all is still and either doing yoga or spin, or getting in a jog during the warmer season. Then it’s coffee, The New York Times and NPR that get me ready for the day.
What type of music (if any) helps you get into a creative or prolific mindset in or out of the office?
As for musical inspiration, it varies wildly depending upon what I’m up to that day. Music while designing is almost like seasonal fare for me: I usually lean towards indie rock for concept design, rap and R&B for documentation, low fi for writing and podcasts for redlines.
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Diane Lipovsky