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stapleton north trunk parks
Stapleton North Trunk Parks
Stapleton North Trunk Parks
Stapleton North Trunk Parks
Stapleton North Trunks Park Map

Civitas has been in a lead design role for the redevelopment of Stapleton International Airport since 1988. The firm played a wide range of roles but in 1995 authored the Park, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for the 4,500 acre site. In 2009 Civitas began detailed master planning and design of over 250 acres of parks, recreation areas, open spaces, stormwater management facilities and habitat development. This system forms the backbone of placemaking and connectivity for all of Stapleton north of I-70, the East-West Interstate that divides the site.

From the early ideas for redevelopment Civitas has proposed that development north of I-70 should be different, less new urbanist, more natural, more relaxed, and more about the characteristic landscapes, habitats and views that typify the sand prairies of Northeast Colorado. This work will be constructed in 2014-2015 emphasizes the shaping of the land to create expanses of prairie spaces, horizon, wetlands, multi-use pathways, and full program of recreation facilities from high school athletic fields down to threads of green penetrating new neighborhoods. The project includes a new swimming and recreation center; formalized gathering areas, designed park spaces where schools and neighborhoods meet the open space system, and a trail system that connects into hundreds of miles of regional trails and the Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge.

The foundations of the project rely on best practices for stormwater management and ecological restoration techniques. This unique site was a high-arid sand prairie ecosystem prior to airport development, including sand dunes, embedded wetlands, and sheltered groves of native cottonwoods. These patterns are being restored in concert with the development of a green stormwater infrastructure system that will collect, distribute and infiltrate urban runoff to support the habitat restorations. Since Stapleton Redevelopment construction began in 1998, the market has responded dramatically to the value of open spaces, restored habitats and views, leading to significant demand and premium value for sites that adjoin the open space system.

Client: Park Creek Metropolitan District
Partners: Matrix Engineering
Completed: 2016
Budget: $15 million
Location: Denver