Denver Aviation Station
Denver Aviation Station
Denver Aviation Station

The Fulenwider Company has owned roughly 600 acres of wheatfield that flanks Pena Boulevard for over 100 years. This road is the approach to Denver International Airport and in 2012 was designated as the location for a new rail connection between downtown Denver and DIA. Through a design competition led by Civitas, the site was selected for the final rail station before train arrival at DIA. This station allows for the site to become a mixed-use TOD that can become the urban center of the developing DIA “Aerotropolis”.

Civitas developed the analysis and concepts that led to the Vision and Concept Plan that won the competition, thus securing this site for the rail station. The plan is based in key site features including exceptional mountain views, views and access to the Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge to the west, open space corridors along two existing creeks, and connections into surrounding proposed development.

Civitas has led the efforts to design the TOD, establish Zoning and Design Guidelines and to design the public realm of streets, plazas, parks, open spaces and trails. Civitas developed detailed land use plans and yields, and led the negotiating to establish entitlements for the project, which when complete will house roughly 3500 people, retail, hotels, office and a range of entertainment uses supporting the 5,000 acre Aerotropolis.

Client: Fulenwider Company
Partners: JR Engineering
Completed: 2014
Budget: $500 million + (built value)
Location: Denver