Design Strategies for Connectivity

Civitas was engaged by Washington University Medical Center and BJC HealthCare to lead a year of study to bring the University, BJC, College of Pharmacy and Cortext together into a cohesive Vision Plan for the entire campus, which covers over 30 city blocks. This effort was the first time all the institutions had joined to seek a common vision and purpose in a physical plan.

After successfully completing a Vision Plan and Guidelines for the campus, BJC asked for teams to form in a paid “Request for Inspiration”. Civitas teamed with Cesar Pelli and Cannon Design to prepare this visionary idea to bring all the central amenities and services of the clinical complex together into an above grade horizontal spine, which would link patients and visitors in a dual walkway connecting north and south hospitals and services into one manageable, iconic building that includes 73,000 of service and amenity spaces.

At the ground level the Vision further provides a linked hierarchy of public spaces, healing gardens, courtyards connected to a central spine of green space to unify the campus. Civitas is continuing its work to the present in an ongoing role to take the ground level vision into reality as each institution expands.

Client: Washington University/BJC Healthcare
Partners: Cesar Pelli, Cannon Design, HOK
Completed: Ongoing
Budget: Not established
Location: St. Louis, MO