Civitas wins 2014 ASLA Design Award for Colorado Justice Center

The project’s design is centered on the notion that the States appellate judicial system should operate in a facility that that is open to the public and embodies the spirit of transparent democracy. That siting of the buildings, the programming of the site and the physical design of the open spaces are carefully integrated into the fabric of Denver’s Civic Center in a way that amplifies the quality of life, Civic pride and functionality within the heart of Downtown.

Take it outside: moving the museum into nature

Communicating the Museum’s (CTM) 14th Annual International Conference is in full force.  Over 300 museum directors and design professionals are heading to Sydney to engage in a platform for debate and networking.  Mark Johnson will be speaking with Dan Gottlieb, the North Carolina Museum of Art Director of Planning and Design.  Mark and Dan will explain how nature, not technology, will be the vehicle to adapt the museum to today’s world of shared experience.  CTM Program

A riverfront park in Tampa’s Urban Core is on the verge of transformation

Sept. 9, 2014 – In a well-attended press conference,  Mayor Buckhorn unveiled the Civitas-designed master plan concept for the Julian B. Riverfront Park in West Tampa.  “Riverfront Park is underutilized and undervalued given its size and potential in the heart of our urban core.  Together, Buckhorn said, the park and the west river plan could create one of the most sweeping redevelopments in Tampa history.”  Check out ABC News coverage.