civitas strategies
Design is not just form, pattern or materials. Design is also strategy. Design thinking is a powerful tool to ask the questions that reveal patterns, trends and forces that create an urban issue or condition. Without understanding these forces, design can’t change them. So our goal is to find the strategies that will put change into motion.

We are about getting to the bottom of things, seeing beyond common assumptions, and finding connections and meanings where others may not see them. We find creative ideas in ordinary problems and we find complexities that others miss. The most effective design ties all these things together into new forms, materials and expressions that make a difference. Our approach is simple. We understand, question, investigate, discover, play, reformulate, test, discard and repeat. Ours is a learning process that leads to new ideas and solutions, whether the problems are old or new. We are about creativity and innovation, but not for their own sake.

Design has to work, meet budgets, be on time, and perform at the highest levels whatever the program and cost. Design must be accountable. We work between bursts of fierce creative inspiration and hard introspection into what the consequences of our ideas might be. We are left brain and right brain, at once and together. We believe that in the design of cities, less is not more. More is more. We just have to make more out of less to truly be effective.

the civitas idea / design for a changing world