Designers of Public Space Strategists for Lasting Change

We love the energy, diversity and uniqueness of cities. We value every effort to make them better for people and their environment. We value ideas that can make cities more healthy, sustainable and just.

We believe in clear thinking and communication, but design thinking demands that assumptions are questioned. We value sound analysis and creative bursts that put things together in new ways. We use both sides of our brain and challenge each other, and our clients, to get to beyond the “what” and “how” to find the “why” behind real issues and objectives.

It is not enough to ask people how their city works for them. We have to know how they feel about it, and more importantly, what it means to them. That takes open minds that work hard to understand. So we listen to a lot of people, how they feel, what they mean and why things are important to them. We have a lot of knowledge, but it isn’t very useful until it is grounded in local people and their ideas.

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