Past. Present. Future.
Since we opened our practice we wanted to make a difference, to make an impact, and to set new things in motion in every assignment. That has happened. Somehow our inquisitive nature, our fearless approach, our ability to listen and learn, question and lead, has become our signature. Wherever we work, we find that one thing leads to another. We embrace local design partners and help them grow. We connect to local leadership and help them move their agendas forward. We have developed deep friendships and professional collaborations in many cities, fueled by our passion to make a difference. We try very hard on every assignment and people recognize that. Soon we find ourselves part of the community, not just outsiders. We hope to make their future, our future.

Civitas grew out of a passion for design and a love of cities. Ann Mullins and Mark Johnson, both landscape architects and urban designers, launched the idea and name on a napkin in 1983. For twenty years they grew the firm to become a national leader in project design, design thinking and thought leadership around the belief that landscape – as idea, as proposition, as place, and as living system, was the missing element in most American cities.

Now at 34 years old, Civitas is a creative collaborative of landscape architects, architects and urban designers led by a team of Principals who have been together more than twenty years – but not without the infusion of younger principals who bring a new creative energy and understanding of the ever-changing culture of cities.

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